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“They get you up and rolling”

Shanee McSwain

Aug 18, 2021 – Grand Rapids, MI

“Excellent service and customer service”

stephanie bryant

Jul 02, 2021 – Grand Rapids, MI

“Bryan is the man I did business with. He was very professional and very helpful in figuring out what was wrong with my car. He explained everything in detail that needed to be fixed and went all over pricing once on the phone and again in person with me to make sure I understood what was wrong. My car is now running great. I will definitely be using this business in the future due to the phenomenal customer service I received and the great job that was done.”

Mashauna Sanders

Mar 30, 2021 – Grand Rapids, MI

“Friendly quick and reasonably priced service”

John S

Dec 14, 2020 – Grand Rapids, MI

“Very good service! Friendly and knowledgeable”

Cynthia .

Oct 12, 2020 – Grand Rapids, MI

“ Honest, forthcoming and friendly staff.”

Martha R

Sep 15, 2020 – Grand Rapids, MI

“Did a great job replacing my oil pan.”

Edward H

Jan 29, 2020 – Grand Rapids, MI

“They are very friendly and very helpful...I will not take my car any place else.....I recommended 28th tuffy in grand mi”

Tabatha Turner

Dec 21, 2019 – Wyoming, MI

“ Didnt try to sell me more than I needed and the payment plan was so helpful.”

Tee G

Oct 22, 2019 – Grand Rapids, MI

“ Great service, and fast even when the line for the drive through is almost around the parking lot.”

Donte B

Oct 14, 2019 – Grand Rapids, MI

“The crew there is fantastic they don't work on just muffler's and brakes anymore. Full automotive repair and they will work with you to get the job done are you on your way.”

Cliff B

Sep 25, 2019 – Grand Rapids, MI

“They do a good job on repairs and do not hold your car forever.”

Rob S

Sep 20, 2019 – Grand Rapids, MI

“Thank you Kyle and Sean. If it weren't so expensive i could of finished everything. Very fast. Took my car in at open and it was done by 1pm! Thank you”

Lori A

Sep 04, 2019 – Grand Rapids, MI

“I had some major repairs that needed to be done ASAP and couldn't get financing anywhere else. Sean helped me out and for such a great price! If you need something done Sean is definitely the guy you need to talk to!”

Asia M.

Aug 15, 2019 – Grand Rapids, MI

“Awesome service!! Sean stayed true to the price he told my husband, very helpful and informative. He also informed us about any other small problems we might want to look out for in the future. Would recommend Sean’s service 10/10. Will be back for any other issues in the future. Thank you Sean!!”

Lauren M

Aug 15, 2019 – Grand Rapids, MI

“Kind and helpful. They do free front end inspections.”

Eliezer Y

Apr 22, 2019 – Grand Rapids, MI

“Great place for getting service done on my vehicles. Qualified technicians.”

Daniel P

Apr 16, 2019 – Grand Rapids, SC

“Great place for getting service done on my vehicles. Qualified technicians ”

Daniel P

Apr 16, 2019 – Grand Rapids, MI

“Very happy with the service I received problem was fixed on both visits. ”

Harold K

Apr 15, 2019 – Grand Rapids, MI

“Accommodating, extremely helpful and explained everything!!! It may be the 1st in all my years of driving I didn't feel like I was getting ripped off by a mechanic. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”

Tara L

Apr 10, 2019 – Grand Rapids, MI

“I came in today to get my daughters muffler fixed they fixed it with a smile great price great workmanship I would come back here again”

Rachel W

Nov 28, 2018 – Plainwell, MI

“I'm writing this review in response to the service I received at this location by a mechanic named Aaron. I brought my Jeep to him, upon recommendation. We argued pro's and con's about some ideas I had on performance upgrades and after some time and research I came to the conclusion that he definitely knew his stuff and I proceeded to spend a good amount of money there because I felt I was actually getting my moneys worth, which is a lot more than I can say for some other shops around town. So basically, this is my go to shop now, everybody I've met at the shop has been very helpful and generous, just a good bunch of guys. 5 stars from me!”

Courtney Orton

Apr 18, 2018 – grand rapids, MI

“Took my vehicle in for service and was very well informed by Tech Aaron that he would have everything fixed and have me back on the road in no time. I spent about an hour waiting and my car was back on the road. Aaron charged me a very reasonable price and was very fast considering the repaira made. I would definitely recommend these guys and have been back for basic service several times. They know me by name, great place and a tv in the waiting room.”

Gerardo Jilote

Apr 09, 2018 – Grand Rapids, MI

“I am so glad that I found Asim at Tuffy. In the last year I have put thousands into my car and it still ran rough. Asim was able to explain to me exactly what was wrong with my car and he fixed it without charging me a fortune. He was great to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I watched him with other customers and was impressed again with his honesty and respect for Tuffy customers. My car FINALLY has no service engine light on after two years and it is running great. Thank you Asim and Tuffy.”

Ruth A

May 08, 2017 – Ada, MI

“As a repeat customer we brought our 2010 Grand Caravan in for brakes and pads all around. When taking the vehicle for test drive, while on the lot, there was an accident that required body work to repair. We commend Tuffy on stepping up and acknowledging what happened and setting up the repair promptly. Because of the customer service we have and continue to receive at Tuffy, we will remain loyal customers! (accidents happen!)”

Vince P

Jul 03, 2014 – Kentwood, MI

“Me knowing nothing about cars figured I needed a muffler for my 1994 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme cause it was loud. I came in they checked it out sure enough the muffler had been on the car since it was built in 1994. Chris advised hay let us look at the car again to make sure that the muffler was the only reason the car was loud it was not only the muffler I needed a new motor mount. They promptly replaced both the muffler and the motor mount and the muffler my baby is purring like kitten now. I was so amazed at how they showed integrity and morals as well as had a smile on there faces at 730am I am more then happy with there kindness honesty and patience. They were so nice even the customers were nice I am going back. It feels good to be able to take your car some where and they take care of your car no matter how old the car is . Thank you so much Tuffy mechanics I appreciate and respect your honesty and ethics God bless =)”

Terrie Patterson

Apr 27, 2013 – Grand rapids, MI

“I have taken my 2001 Ford Taurus to your location at 610 28th St SE Grand Rapids MI 49548 a few times for various repairs and service. Each time I have taken the car in, I speak to Gary. In late January part of the service was changing my windshield wipers. Today, my wipers were not working well - the driver’s side blade was not touching the windshield. I decided to go back to Tuffy to see if Gary could help me during my short lunch hour. Unfortunately, my schedule was packed for the day so I had a very short window of time. Despite having numerous people waiting in the lobby and having every bay occupied with a vehicle, Gary was able to have a mechanic look at my car right then; he determined that the only problem was a broken blade and replace the blade – all at no cost to me. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes, ensuring I was not late for my other commitments. Today’s service, along with great service I’ve experienced in the past, ensures that I will continue to do business with Tuffy. Thanks so much Gary! Brenda B. (2011) ”

Brenda B

Feb 01, 2012 – Grand Rapids, MI

“Top Drawer - Highly Recommend. Great, Honest work. A full service station you can trust. My entire family uses them exclusively. I've always found Tuffy’s staff to be very knowledgeable, helpful, and honest”

Ruth N

Oct 17, 2011 – Grand Rapids, MI